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The Forklift Bulldozing Violation


While we get asked about how PermaStripe copes with pallet scrapes, we wonder why forklift bulldozing happens in the workplace. We discuss forklift bulldozing in this blog post.

We often get asked about how our PermaStripe floor marking tape can cope with pallets being scraped across it with force. We provide the information, but then we ask ourselves why are pallets being scraped across a floor?

Forklift bulldozing is, apparently, a common, if not very safe and possibly illegal method of moving heavy loads across a surface. Forklift bulldozing is unsafe for various reasons:

Compromises the forklift’s capacity

Potentially causes the load to tip

Driver has less control during turns and stops

Three OSHA regulations specifically cite bulldozing of pallets as a violation. While it isn’t specified as a risk under the OSHA General Duty Clause, it can be cited for the risks involved. The three regulations that prohibit pallet bulldozing are;

  • 178(o)(1) Only stable or safely arranged loads shall be handled. Caution shall be exercised when handling off-center loads which cannot be centered
  • 178(o)(2) Only loads within the rated capacity of the truck shall be handled.
  • 1910(o)(5) A load engaging means shall be placed under the load as far as possible; the mast shall be carefully tilted backward to stabilize the load.

Although we manufacture the world’s toughest floor marking tape, I would consider whether forklift bulldozing is the way forward for your operations. If you do want to confirm that PermaStripe will cope, please speak to our sales team. We can send you long lengths of our incredibly durable material for testing in your own facilities. We always want to provide a solution to any problem you may have.

Our office is open from 8 am to 5 pm EST, but our Live Chat function is generally manned by our technical team from early morning to evening EST and often at weekends. Alternatively, please send a message using our contact us form, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


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