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Heskins Instructional Videos

Heskins instruc­tional videos here are created to guide you in the installation of our anti-slip products. We strongly believe that seeing and hearing the methods is a certain way to ensuring the installer achieves an effective application.

We are pro-active in our creation of instruc­tional videos, however, if there are any you would like to be created, then please contact us.

Applying Anti-Slip Tape to Low-Energy Surfaces

Heskins' keying agent empowers users to apply anti-slip tape on low-energy surfaces, including certain plastics. Our Keying Agent represents a significant advancement in adhesive technology, effectively bonding low-energy surfaces with the adhesive layer of floor tape.

How to Apply Large Tape Sheets, Walkways, and Zebra Crossings

Walkways and zebra crossings play a vital role in enhancing workplace safety by providing a non-slip surface for pedestrian traffic in and around warehouses, factories, and industrial facilities. Fire exit floor signs effectively communicate safe exit routes in case of a fire emergency.

Conformable Anti Slip Tape

Conformable anti slip tape is a strong abrasive anti slip surface with an aluminum foil backing, which allows it to conform to irregular surfaces like durbar, chequered & diamond tread plates, creating a durable anti slip surface on these exteriors.

High Quality Glow in the Dark Anti Slip Tape

Heskins premium and super grade photoluminescent tapes are our first non-abrasive, glow in the dark anti slip tapes.

From years of involvement with glow in the dark materials, Heskins can now offer products with exceptional luminance times, meaning during lights out situations they create a vibrant glow which lasts longer, leading you to safety in sudden power outages or lights out situations.

How to Apply Coarse Resilient Die Cut Tiles

Coarse Resilient is a strong non abrasive material perfect for areas which need a non slip surface which will be kind to bare feet and exposed skin such as gym washrooms, boats, or swimming pools. This material can be purchased from Heskins in roll form or in easy to apply die cut shapes.

Abrasive & Non-abrasive Anti Slip Tape, What’s the Difference?

Heskins offers many anti slip products designed to be used in all areas where slip prevention is required. We can offer this thanks to the variety of high-quality anti slip surfaces we manufacture.

The most popular material throughout the years is our Safety Grip anti slip tape. Safety grip is Heskins first abrasive anti slip tape, designed to be used in any industrial or general area where a non-slip surface is required. Safety Grip is constructed from aluminum oxide grit granules applied to a self-adhesive PVC Band providing excellent durability in all weather.

How to Apply Floor Safety Signs

Floor safety signs from Heskins are durable, self-adhesive warning signs. Constructed from an industrial grade plastic, with a printed laminated surface and a strong, permanent adhesive applied on the underside.

How to Apply ColorCovers

Colorcovers are self-adhesive custom signs, that allows you to quickly create a personalised visual message, framed in a wide variety of colors to allow you to use the signs in a 5S optimised workflow if necessary. The durable, plastic construction ensures a service life for as long as you require.

How To Apply Reflective Tape

This video shows you how to effectively apply Reflective tape to a stair rail. Reflective tape will provide a high visibility warning that will help mark out potentially dangerous or hazardous areas. Reflective tape provides a simple, self adhesive, reflective surface that is highly visible, making it the perfect marking material.

How to Apply Printed Anti Slip Tape

Heskins Printed anti slip tape allows you to create a highly visible warning with all the anti-slip properties of our Safety Grip™ tape. Safety Grip™ is made of strong abrasive minerals applied to a self-adhesive, offering a strong non slip surface with a high Coefficient of Friction. When applying Printed anti slip tape, we recommend cleaning the surface prior to application. Heskins H3508 IPA Cleaner is an alcohol based cleaner that will evaporate after cleaning, leaving a clean and dry surface.