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Heskins Instructional Videos

Heskins instruc­tional videos here are created to guide you in the installation of our anti-slip products. We strongly believe that seeing and hearing the methods is a certain way to ensuring the installer achieves an effective application.

We are pro-active in our creation of instruc­tional videos, however, if there are any you would like to be created, then please contact us.

How to Apply Transparent Anti Slip Tape

Heskins transparent Safety Grip is a strong, non-slip solution that is translucent, allowing colours, shapes or signs to be seen through it. This prevents the material from covering up important signs or detracting from aesthetically pleasing areas in a building such as company logos or important safety instructions. Transparent anti slip tape can be applied with ease, and will provide a strong non slip solution.

The Three Grades of Safety Grip Anti Slip Tape

Heskins original anti-slip tape, Safety Grip, is our most popular material. The material is developed to be hard wearing and active slip prevention. Throughout the years, we have developed our range of Safety Grip to the point where we have a massive range of abrasive anti slip tapes, manufactured from 3 grades of anti-slip tape to ensure effectiveness in any industry.

How to Apply Handrail Grip Tape

How to Apply UHB Bonding Tape

UHB Heavy Duty Bonding Tape is a double sided tape used to bond two materials together. This material creates a strong bond between each material preventing all movement.

When applying UHB bonding tape a good clean surface is always recommended, this will allow the tape to bond more effectively. We recommend using H3508 IPA cleaner.

Anti Slip Flooring Large Sheet Application

This video provides you with the correct advice for applying a large sheet of our anti slip flooring whilst minimising the possibility of air bubbles which, if incorrectly applied, can occur when working with a large area.

Application Accessories

Our ancillaries add to the surface use of our anti slip materials, by increasing the efficiency and durability during application.

How To Apply Corrosion Protection Tape

Heskins corrosion protection tape is designed to stop galvanic corrosion. Galvanic corrosion occurs when two metals with different electrode potentials come in contact, one will act as a anode and the other will be the cathode, this will cause one metal to rust and corrode faster than normal, and the other to be completely untouched. H3453 corrosion protection tape can stop this process from happening, the material acts as a blocker so both materials do not touch, preventing galvanic corrosion.

How To Apply Ribbed Rubber Anti Slip Tape

Heskins H3435 ribbed rubber (style) anti slip is an effective solution for keeping tools and hardware clean and undamaged.

Ribbed rubber anti slip tape has an excellent CoF (coefficient of friction) which helps to hold your tools in place. This is possible thanks to the deep ribs in the material which provide an excellent grip.

How To Apply Aqua Safe Discs And Strips

Heskins LLC aqua safe anti slip discs and strips are an efficient and more hygienic way of applying an anti slip surface to your shower or bath.

Installing L Shape Anti Slip Bolt Down Plates

This video from Heskins LLC provides you with the correct advice for installing our L shape bolt down anti slip plates to a surface that is unsuitable for conventional anti slip tape application, this may include timber or concrete that is sodden and cannot be effectively dried.