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VOC Compliant Application Accessories


VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) compliance is something that determines the use of certain products. Read about VOC and our application accessories here.

VOC ( Volatile Organic Compounds ) compliance is something that determines the use of certain products in the US.

What are Volatile Organic Compounds?

VOC’s are gases which are emitted from liquids or solids From lacquers and paints, to even copiers and printers, which need to be measured to ensure they do not exceed the recommended levels. If they do,  they can only be used by professionals and are deemed unsuitable for retail.

All products and materials which emit VOC’s, must be tested internally and externally to see if they have any adverse short or long term health effects, and if so, what. While with external use, environmental issues are considered more so also, many organic compounds emission levels can be up to 10 times higher when used indoors, so stringent checks must be made to ensure they are safe to use and to determine storage also.

At Heskins, we have a range of VOC compliant application accessories, designed to improve the already durable application of our anti-slip and floor marking materials. We ensure that our application accessories meet the recommended VOC requirements, so they can be used by professionals and end users alike! Our porous surface primer is water-based to ensure it is a compliant product. This is not at cost to the effectiveness of the product, however, with it still providing an effective barrier against moisture on porous surfaces. To use porous surface primer, if applying any of our products to a porous surface such as concrete or stone, simply brush it onto the application area, and leave it to dry for approximately 10 minutes, depending on weather. Once dried, your chosen Heskins product can be applied on to it, and it will create a great bond between tape and surface, preventing the risk of moisture degrading the adhesive.

Heskins Edge fix is useful for application of anti-slip tape in high traffic areas, as while the application is strone, edge scuffing can occur causing edge lift, which is detrimental as it reduces the service life of the product. By applying edge fix down the edges of the material that meets the surface, you be sure that edge lift will not occur, and will increase the durability of the application for years to come. IPA cleaner is an alcohol-based cleaning liquid, which is  VOC compliant. By using Heskins IPA surface cleaner on areas before application, you will remove any possibility of grease or loose debris contaminating the adhesive, increasing the likelihood of failure. As IPA is an alcohol-based cleaner, it will evaporate, adding no residue to the surface which could also have a detrimental impact on the adhesive’s effectiveness. Using cream based cleaners will leave a residue on any surface, so it is recommended not to use them in the application of Heskins anti-slip or marking tapes.

So why use Application Accessories?

By using Heskins VOC compliant application accessories, you can sure to increase the durability of your anti-slip tape application, while being safe in the knowledge you are using a tried and tested product in terms of safety to your health and effectiveness in its performance. All of our application accessories can be viewed on our website. To place an order, please contact us, we will be happy to help you.


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