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What is Heavy Duty Line Marking Tape?

Marking Tape

Tape is one of the most commonly used marking systems in the world, miles of it are laid every day in every state. I really want to differentiate between tape and heavy duty line marking tape, there really is an important difference. Tape is thin (it is purely price driven, the person writing this post used to work for a large producer of thin marking tape and every quarter the thickness, adhesive, print or plastic quality would be reduced, all to remain competitive), it typically has a poor adhesive that lifts up, it fades due to a poor quality print, it cracks and it fragments on the floor. A very unsatisfactory outcome, the customer has now bought a cheap tape that within a few weeks or months has failed, the application time has been wasted and it now needs removing (quite hard as it is so thin that it will fragment and leave small annoying islands of tape that need removing), more tape needs to be ordered, reapplied and the cycle starts again.

No, heavy duty line marking tape is not designed to meet a price point, it is designed to work, to provide a heavy duty solution. PermaStripe is the material, let me tell you how and what makes PermaStripe the perfect heavy duty line marking tape for your needs;


Remember I said tapes were thin? PermaStripe is 0.05”, it is a solid thick extruded piece of virgin plastic. A tape will be around 1/20th of the thickness of PermaStripe.


Just the adhesive for PermaStripe is over 8 thou thick, this means the adhesive alone for our heavy duty line marking tape is around four times thicker than the entire normal tape.


PermaStripe does not fade, it does not wear off, it cannot. Tape is simply printed, any print will fade, PermaStripe is totally different. PermaStripe is a solid homogenous piece of plastic, if you scrape the top then the color underneath is the same, scar it with a blade and the color is the same, throw harsh solvents on it then the color is the same. We plan for durability!


We offer a 3 year guarantee, incredible, try asking a thin supplier if they will even provide you a 3 month guarantee!


If you want to change the color option then with PermaStripe it can be achieved. As it is so tough and durable then it will not snap, flick a corner then slowly lift it, no other line marking system can cope with this.

I really hope this gives an insight into the differences between tape and heavy duty line marking tape, our sales team can provide you usable samples and further help.

What Is Floor Marking Tape?
Floor marking tape is an efficient marking system for areas within the workplace. This could be used to highlight hazardous areas or to create a 5S-optimized system. It is commonly used in warehouses or factories to display dangerous areas. This helps ensure the safety of personnel by keeping them away from those hazardous sectors.


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