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White Coarse Anti-Slip Tape for Custom Printing and More


Hey there, folks! We’ve got some exciting news to share with you all! We’ve started manufacturing NSTCW Coarse Safety-Grip in white, and we’re stoked about it! We developed white coarse non-slip tape to increase our range of tapes available for the custom printing service and due to customer demand.

Now, you may be wondering, what exactly is coarse anti-slip tape?

Well, it’s a type of tape that has a thick coating of abrasive mineral particles. The size and spread of these particles determine the grade of the tape. Coarse anti-slip tape has large pieces of abrasive mineral, while fine anti-slip tape has small particles that are densely packed. Our Coarse Safety-Grip range is perfect for heavy-duty industrial situations, with its deep grit that helps water flow away and prevents snow from compacting on it.

So, where can you use coarse anti-slip tape?

If the surface is clean, dry, and free from grease, you can apply the NSTXC externally onto porous surfaces. However, it’s not recommended for hospital surfaces or kindergartens as it can abrade skin.

Can you custom print on Coarse Anti-Slip Tape?

One of the best things about Coarse Safety-Grip is its durability. The thick grit coating ensures that it lasts for years, even in harsh temperatures ranging from -40°F to +176°F. And guess what? You can even custom print on it!

If you don’t want white Coarse Safety-Grip, this anti-slip tape variant is available in black, yellow, green, and hazard black/yellow, each of these colors is available in widths from 0.75″ to 46″.
Printing on white tape can improve the visibility of your message and design. Custom printing on white anti-slip tape offers many benefits, including branding opportunities. Adding your company’s logo, name, or message to the tape promotes your brand and increases visibility. This non-slip solution is advantageous in environments where slip and fall accidents are common, like factories, warehouses, or construction sites. Custom printed anti-slip tape also creates a more professional look and feel to your workspace.

We understand that choosing the right tape for your needs can be overwhelming. That’s why we’re always happy to send samples, pricing, and data sheets to help you make the best decision. Plus, our sales team is always ready and willing to help you out. So why not give our NSTCW Coarse Safety-Grip a try? We think you’ll love it just as much as we do!


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