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X-Coarse Safety Grip Meets NFSI Phase 2 Certification

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Heskins most abrasive anti-slip tape, X-coarse Safety Grip, now has phase 2 NFSI certification. Read more about NFSI certification here.

At Heskins, our commitment to safety and product excellence drives us to continually innovate and enhance our range of anti-slip solutions. We are excited to announce that our X-coarse Safety Grip, the most abrasive anti-slip tape in our portfolio, has achieved NFSI ‘Phase 2’ certification. In this blog post, we delve into the significance of NFSI certification and why ‘Phase 2’ is a game-changer for ensuring safety and durability in demanding environments.

The Power of Extra-Coarse Safety Grip

X-coarse Safety Grip is a standout product in our anti-slip tape lineup. It features substantial aluminum oxide granules applied to the surface, creating an anti-slip tape with high peaks and deep valleys. These distinctive features make X-coarse Safety Grip exceptionally effective in preventing slips and falls, even in the most challenging conditions. Whether your environment is exposed to dirt, snow, or ice, X-coarse Safety Grip excels in maintaining optimal anti-slip performance.

Understanding NFSI Certification

The National Floor Safety Institute is a renowned organization dedicated to preventing slips, trips, and falls through research, education, and standards development. NFSI certification is a mark of distinction, signifying that a product has met rigorous testing standards for slip resistance and safety.

Introducing ‘Phase 2’: Sustainable Slip Resistance

NFSI ‘Phase 2,’ also known as the ‘Sustainable Slip Resistance’ test, represents the pinnacle of anti-slip performance evaluation. While ‘Phase 1’ primarily assesses the anti-slip properties of a material, ‘Phase 2’ takes it a step further. It not only tests anti-slip capabilities but also examines the material’s durability in real-world commercial and industrial environments.

The ‘Sustainable Slip Resistance’ test is particularly relevant for products like X-coarse Safety Grip, designed to thrive in demanding conditions. Achieving NFSI ‘Phase 2’ certification ensures that this tape delivers consistent, effective slip prevention, even in harsh and challenging settings.

Access to Certification and More

We are delighted to offer our NFSI ‘Phase 2’ certification for X-coarse Safety Grip. You can easily access this certification on the X-coarse Safety Grip tech specs page, as well as through our download suite for all registered users. In our download suite, you will find a wealth of resources, including high-resolution photos, datasheets, MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets), and print-ready marketing materials.

Elevate Safety Standards with X-Coarse Safety Grip

X-coarse Safety Grip’s NFSI ‘Phase 2’ certification reaffirms its status as an industry-leading anti-slip solution capable of delivering exceptional performance in extreme conditions. Whether you operate in a manufacturing facility, warehouse, or outdoor setting, X-coarse Safety Grip provides peace of mind by reducing the risk of slips and falls.

To explore the benefits of X-coarse Safety Grip or obtain NFSI ‘Phase 2′ certification and other resources, please visit our website and sign up for our download suite. Elevate your safety standards with Heskins’ X-coarse Safety Grip and NFSI certification today!

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