Reflective Conspicuity Railcar Tape

  • reflective-railcar-conspicuity-tape-yellow
  • railcar-delineator-tape-white
Product code FRA4
• Double the reflective values of required specifi­cations
• High-tack adhesive for application in all temperatures
• Impact-protected performance
• Available in yellow and white

FRA 224 reflective railcar tape or delineator tape is an effective solution when it comes to increasing the visibility of rolling stock in virtually all lighting conditions. Reflective railcar conspicuity tape is proven to improve safety when it comes to accident avoidance and a major reduction in accident severity, with increased visibility resulting in heightened reaction times.

Using metallized microp­ris­matic tape, reflective railcar tape starts with reflective values already two times higher than specifi­cations require, ensuring visibility dawn, dusk and at night from even the tightest front-facing angles. A high-tack adhesive ensures secure, long-term application in all temperatures with no risk of edge lift.

A strong, single-layer construction ensures durability (rated 10 years) in all conditions and will continue to perform after impact. Even withstanding pressure washing with approval marks protected to ensure continued compliance.

Reflective Railcar Tape Colors & Sizes

FRA 224 Reflective railcar delineator tape is available in yellow (FRA4Y) and white (FRA4W) in the following sizes:

  • 4” x 150ft
  • 4” x 150ft (kiss-cut every 18 inches)
  • 4” x 18ft pre-cut strips

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