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Heskins®: Manufacturer of Solutions


As a manufacturer of solutions, we love it when customers come to us with a problem to solve. In this blog post, we discuss a custom solution we created involving Heskins® anti-corrosion tape.

Heskins® recently had a client with a specific request. As a manufacturer of solutions, we here at Heskins® love to solve this kind of problem.

Heskins® corrosion protection tape is the initial solution to the galvanic corrosion problem they face, creating a perfect barrier of protection between the metals they use for their projects, such as balustrades and building envelopes, to name a couple.

In this specific scenario, they apply long sections of steel into a concrete base with aluminum inserts. Lugs in the steel penetrate the concrete, so the solution we supply must have holes, as it needs to be applied quickly and accurately.

They did not like the idea of having to cut the material by hand once it had arrived; the potential inaccuracy of cutting through the material by hand could leave areas exposed. Even the tiniest surface area of 2 different metals coming together could result in galvanic corrosion, which was a risk they did not want to take. Cutting holes into the material is also time-intensive if the correct tools are not available for the job.

Many years of investment and tweaks to services have allowed us to accurately create cuts on the material surface with 100% accuracy. The complete accuracy is due to our new high-speed knife table, which enables us to make precise cuts on large surface areas without the need for pre-made cutting tools.

Our high-speed knife table allowed us to cut 0.59″ diameter holes in the required positions with their supplied CAD design specifications. Our custom services allowed them to save a significant amount of time once they had received the product.

Should you require a solution to a similar problem, or any other safety tape related issue, we would love to speak to you. Contact us by phone or talk to us now on live chat. Alternatively, complete the contact us form on the website, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


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