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DOT C2 Aluminum Reflective Plate

Product code: DOT_C2

  • Overview

Heskins® 2” x 48” DOT C2 aluminum reflective plates are suitable for quick replacement on trucks and trailers when the need arises. With trucks and trailers being constantly out on the road when coming in for servicing, it is quite common that the reflective DOT tape will need to be replaced to meet regulations. With the use of DOT C2 aluminum reflective plates, the procedure is much quicker, preventing the need for excess cleaning to ensure a surface that the tape will effectively adhere to.

DOT C2 Aluminum Reflective Plate Application

Trailer rear marker plates can be fitted using a many of application methods. Rivets, bolts or even UHB bonding tape would be perfect for applying or mounting the plates securely to a surface. Using these methods, they can be removed virtually as easily as they were applied, meaning replacement is a quick and efficient job.

Heskins® reflective plates are not limited to the use of fleet vehicles either. Stationary objects such as fences and posts, in particular, the people who maintain them will also benefit from the ease of application they offer.

DOT C2 Tape

Pre-applied to the truck rear marker plates is Heskins® DOT C2 tape glass bead 6” red/6” white, ensuring excellent performance and safety assurance when out on the road, with its retro-reflective properties ensuring a wider reflection of light, increasing visibility in virtually all conditions.

By using DOT C2 aluminum reflector plates, you can make fleet servicing much more efficient, ensuring safety standards are being met with less work involved, allowing you to focus your time on vehicle performance, safe in the knowledge that road and safety requirements & regulations are met.

For more information on DOT C2 aluminum reflective plate, or to place an order, you can speak to our friendly sales team via phone, live chat or alternatively fill out the contact us form and a member of our staff will get back to you at their first available opportunity.

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