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RollerGrip Dimpled Silicone Roller Protection Tape

Product code: RLGP

  • Premium silicone ensures maximum hold
  • Built to withstand wear and extreme temperatures
  • Advanced, UV-resistant adhesive technology
  • Ideal for a wide range of industrial applications
  • Overview
  • Colors

Introducing the Heskins RollerGrip tape, our flagship product crafted to enhance grip on web-based roller systems in industries such as printing, film production, textiles, and paper. With state-of-the-art technology and high-quality materials, RollerGrip is not only top-tier in its class but also priced to offer significant value.


Designed specifically for high-grip applications in web-based roller systems, RollerGrip excels across various settings, including print operations, film studios, fabric processing, and paper mills. Its precise embossing and texture promote flawless printing by keeping materials properly aligned from start to finish.


RollerGrip tape is offered in multiple sizes to accommodate rollers of any diameter. For tailor-made dimensions and special requests, please contact our sales team.


RollerGrip tape is engineered with premium silicone on a mesh cloth foundation, creating a distinctively textured surface for multidirectional grip. This feature not only aids in achieving excellent print quality but also ensures robustness against high temperatures and mechanical wear. The tape’s shore hardness is meticulously calibrated for optimal cushioning and adaptability.

High Temperature and Wear Resistance Made from superior compounds, the RollerGrip tape is exceptionally resistant to wear and capable of enduring high temperatures, ideal for rigorous industrial conditions.

Ease of Application The application of RollerGrip tape is simple and efficient, featuring a top-tier UV-resistant adhesive that provides strong, flexible adhesion and allows for easy adjustments and reapplications if necessary.

RollerGrip Samples

Samples and Sales Support Request samples of the Heskins RollerGrip tape anytime. Our dedicated sales team is ready to assist with inquiries and provide detailed information about our products.

Tape Customization Options

We offer customized solutions to meet specific industrial requirements, available based on the quantity of your order. For detailed customization options, reach out to our sales department.


Pantone / RAL
420 CP / 7047

Average LRV


Light Reflectance Values

Product code Color Av. LRV Range
RLGP Gray 37.81 5.49

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