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Surface Primer

Product code: PRIM

  • Seals porous surfaces
  • Prevents moisture affecting the adhesive
  • Available in 17floz or 34 floz
  • Overview
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When applying onto surfaces that are porous (wood, concrete, stone, marble etc) we strongly recommend that the surface is sealed prior to application. As our anti slip and marking tapes are self-adhesive and not a mechanical fixing, they require a stable substrate to adhere onto, on porous surfaces, moisture can travel through to the surface, this moisture can then lift the film.

Bonding primer helps to create a stable surface. Simply brush down (only onto the area where you will be applying the non slip stair treads) like paint; it typically dries in 10~30 minutes dependent on application temperature and surface type.

We offer our surface primer in either 34 fluid ounce (PRIMF) or 17 fluid ounce (PRIMH). A 34 fl oz container seals 50 square feet whilst 17 fl oz seals 25 square feet of our non slip stair treads.

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