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Line Marking Applicator

  • For 2”, 3” and 4” PermaStripe®, PermaRoute® & PermaLean®
  • Includes guide rollers with adjusters
  • Integrated systems to apply PermaStripe®
  • User-friendly handle for more comfort
  • Overview

The new and improved line marking applicator is designed for use when applying PermaStripe®, floor marking tapes across large areas, improving the efficiency when choosing your facilities marking tape of choice.

With no prior assembly required and quick setup, you can apply line marking tape to a large, clean, dry surface in a fraction of the time using our applicator than it takes to apply by hand.

Unlike our previous model, our new line marking applicator has been designed to accommodate PermaStripe®. PermaStripe® is reverse rolled. Our new applicator has both systems integrated to accommodate for these differences and both result in perfectly applied floor marking tape.

The new, improved line marking applicator set up and operation is efficiently simple. Insert the spindle through your chosen tape, using the CNC’d instructions on the side plate of the roll holder to ensure your chosen roll of line marking tape is fitted to the applicator in the right direction.

Featuring quick-pin adjustments for 2”, 3” and 4” rolls, with automated, tension-controlled backing liner removal and a large aluminum roller to firmly press the floor marking tape to the surface. A wider wheelbase than previous also allows for better stability and the user-friendly handle will help hand and shoulder fatigue when applying over large surfaces, a wonderful feature for those with large facilities.

For more information on our tape applicator, please contact us by phone or live chat. Alternatively, complete our make an enquiry form above and a member of our sales team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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