Standard Safety Grip Tape

  • black-safety-grip
  • H3401N-Standard-Safety-Grip-Black-50mm-360
  • black-safety-grip-die-cuts
  • H3401N Standard Safety Grip Black 50mm web
  • blue-safety-grip-tape
  • green-safety-grip-tape
  • red-safety-grip-tape
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  • black standard safety grip h3401
  • red standard safety grip h3401
  • yellow standard safety grip h3401
  • blue standard safety grip h3401
  • green standard safety grip h3401
  • grey standard safety grip h3401
  • brown standard safety grip h3401
  • white standard safety grip h3401
  • transparent standard safety grip h3401
  • fluorescent standard safety grip h3401
  • black yellow hazard standard safety grip h3401
  • red white hazard standard safety grip h3401
  • orange standard safety grip h3401
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Product code NSTS
• 60 grit aluminum oxide surface
• Internal and external application
• Water resistant
• Available in rolls from 1" to 46"

Since 1997, standard Safety Grip tape has been our flagship product, as the first product we manufactured and sold.

Using a fine grade aluminum oxide makes standard Safety Grip tape a suitable safety product for a variety of appli­cations, including but not limited to stair nosing, walkways, ramps, air boats, gun grips and vehicle steps. A standard anti slip tape with a medium abrasive coating makes it great for general slip prevention requ­ire­ments, possessing excellent CoF ( Coefficient of Friction ) levels.

Standard Safety Grip is also water resistant ( a range of application accessories are available for non porous surfaces ),­ allowing for excellent durability in internal and external envi­ron­ments.

Standard Safety Grip Sizes

We produce and stock standard Safety Grip tape in all the above colors, in sizes ranging from 1" to 46" in width and 5 feet to 60 feet in length. Rolls can be produced at a minimum width of .5" if required, as well as a variety of die cuts to suit you needs.

Custom Standard Safety Grip

Custom Safety Grip tape is also available, dependent on order quantity, allowing you to receive anti slip tape in any color ( matching RAL and Pantone references ) size or shape to suit your needs. Please speak to the sales team if you require further information.

If you wish to order, or enquire further about our standard Safety Grip tape, you can contact the sales team by phone, email, live chat, or the contact us form on the website.

Anti Slip Tape Application onto External, Porous Surface

Anti Slip Tape Application onto Internal Surface

black standard safety grip tape


blue safety grip tape



brown safety grip


transparent anti slip tape


green safety grip tape


yellow safety grip tape



red safety grip tape


orange safety grip


fluorescent yellow safety grip

Fluorescent Yellow

white anti slip tape



beige safety grip


gray safety grip


glow in the dark safety grip

Glow in the Dark

hazard glow in the dark safety grip

Hazard Glow in the Dark


glow stripe safety grip tape

Glow Stripe

red white hazard safety grip tape

Red/White Hazard

black yellow hazard safety grip

Black/Yellow Hazard

vivid hazard safety grip tape

Vivid Hazard


fluorescent green anti slip tape

Fluorescent Green

fluorescent pink

Fluorescent Pink

Light Reflectance Values

  AV. LRV Range
Black 3.8 0.16
Brown 6.5 0.49
Fluorescent Yellow 103.6 0.71
Green 7.5 0.29
Grey 30.3 0.48
Orange 30.1 0.82
Red 13.3 1.71
White 3.7 0.29
Yellow 48.4 0.59
Blue 77 0.41

Regulations and Certi­fica­tions

Below is a table denoting what regulations standard Safety Grip meets and what certs, if any, are available.

Certi­fica­tions and Regulations Regulation Met?/Cert Available?
OSHA 29CFR part 1910.23
CoF Standards for Americans with Disabilities Act 2008
NFSI Certi­fica­tion Download
FMVSS-302 (Flamma­bility of Interior Materials Standards) Download
R118 (Burning behavior of materials used in the construction of commercial vehicles) Download

Coefficient of Friction Data

Dry Surface Test Results Wet Surface Test Results
102 TRL 71 TRL

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