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Keying Agent

Product code: PROMOTER

  • Increases adhesion on low energy surfaces
  • Overview

Keying agent is used to combat low energy surfaces.

Self-adhesive bases are all liquid-based and therefore need to ‘wet out’. This term is used for the liquid to move over the surface and grip/stick to it. With low energy surfaces, the surface is far smoother, with reduced friction. This means a reduction in energy on the surface and the less chance of an effective bond.

Keying agent in small amounts applied to low energy surfaces helps to create the energy required and ensure an effective bond between anti-slip or floor marking tape and surface.

PUR and PP surfaces are seen as common low energy surfaces, and a small amount of Heskins® keying agent will make sure that the application is an effective one.

Heskins® keying promoter is available in small 4 fl oz bottles, due to the small amount required per application.

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