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Product code: ROUTELAM

  • Protects existing line marking
  • Alternative to varnish
  • 0.02” thick
  • Transparent
  • Available in widths from 0.60” to 49”
  • Overview
  • Colours

PermaTop is the perfect material for applying on top of existing line-markings that require extra protection.


PermaTop is made from tough, clear plastic to allow the demarcation to still be perfectly visible, while providing durable, long-term protection. PermaTop also features a mild, textured surface to prevent it from becoming a slip hazard. Very useful in increasing slip-protection when being applied on top of smooth marking tapes also.

PermaTop is inspired from the durable top laminate of PermaRoute.


ROUTELAM PermaTop is available in roll widths ranging from 0.60” to 49” and lengths up to 108ft.


Its self-adhesive backing means it is easily applied onto a clean, dry surface, protecting the line marking underneath while not affecting its visibility. Protective tape as an alternative to protective varnish for line markings can be applied over painted lines and thinner marking tapes that would otherwise degrade quickly due to exposure to foot and vehicle traffic, helping to maintain productivity and reduce downtime for extensive replacement jobs.

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Average LRV


Light Reflectance Values

Product code Color Av. LRV Range
ROUTELAM Transparent 66.32 47.73

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