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Hospital Safety Tapes | Anti-Slip Tape for Hospitals

Floor Markers

Hospital safety is paramount; please consider Heskins® anti-slip tapes for hospitals to keep employees, patients, and visitors protected from day to day safety hazards. 

Hospitals are known for being safe havens; they are a place where people go to work, to get well, have tests or to visit family. Considering hundreds of people are in and out of a hospital all hours of the day, cleanliness and safety should be a top priority. Heskins® LLC would love the opportunity to assist hospitals in improving their anti-slip solutions further.

A very pressing matter in hospitals is to keep bacteria rates as low as possible to reduce the risk of infection in patients. All medical areas are cleaned with a Virex type product. This solution is a powerful disinfectant and cleaner that is compliant with OSHA standards for things like blood borne pathogens and many other bacterial hazards that could potentially arise in hospitals. The majority of Heskins® materials can be cleaned with these cleaning solutions without worrying about destroying/deteriorating the composition of the adhesive or anti slip surface, as well as the equipment used to clean the area. Our materials are designed to be tough and withstand cleaning agents, such as Virex.

If this sounds like a solution to a problem you are currently experiencing please continue to read and see what materials we have to offer and a range of uses for Heskins® safety tapes in a hospital.

Tape Options and Their Uses

Aqua Safe Grip Tape

Solid embossed, non-abrasive anti-slip tape. waterproof, kind to skin and clothing. Handrails, wet rooms, bathrooms, showers, cafeterias, bedside anti-slip mat, water therapy pools.

Marine Grade

S2 silicone grit, semi-abrasive anti-slip tape. Waterproof, salt resistant, kind to skin and clothing. Stair nosing, water prone areas, water therapy pools.

Resilient Grip Tape

Solid embossed material. Thinnest non-abrasive anti-slip tape. Waterproof, kind to skin and clothing. Wet rooms, bathrooms, showers,            cafeterias, great for water prone areas.

Coarse Resilient

Solid embossed material. Thickest non-abrasive anti-slip tape, waterproof, kind to skin and clothing. Wet rooms, bathrooms, stair edging, walkways, showers, cafeterias, water prone areas.

Cushion Grip

Foamed PU, non-abrasive. Relieves leg pressure. High levels of grip, kind to skin and clothing. Physical therapy, bedside anti-slip mat.

Handrail Grip Tape

Solid, asymmetric textured material. Non-abrasive. Prevents cold temperatures from transferring to the hands of the user.

Adhesive Non-slip Fabric

Nylon mesh with adhesive foam applied on top. Thin and easy to apply. Bedside tables, under mattresses, on food trays. Will give items something to grip to compared to a smooth surface. Also available as non-adhesive.

Ribbed Anti-slip Tape

Solid material with ribbed surface. Thick material will elevations, great for draining debris, and pathogens. Waterproof. Drawer liner, surgical/procedure trays.

Standard Safety-Grip Tape

60 grit, abrasive anti-slip tape. Water-resistant, external applications, stair nosing, stair landings, walkways, ramps.

Glow in the Dark Egress Tape

Smooth marking tape, extended afterglow performance. Low lighting areas, stair nosing, light switches, doorways, and low edges

PermaStripe Smooth

Solid PVC line marking material with a bevelled edge. Smooth surface option for easy cleaning. Various color options to mark hazardous or safe zones.


Line marking material. Top laminated with below surface print. Available in many 5S colors and sizes. Designate walkways, mark hazards or safe zones.


Lean line marking tape. As with PermaRoute®, top laminated with below surface print, but thinner while still being durable. PermaLean makes our range of industrial line marking tapes more cost-effective.

***Please note the majority of these materials are available in rolls, die-cuts & sheets. Custom colors are possible dependent on order quantities.

Heskins safety tapes are suitable for a wide range of applications in areas with strict hygiene standards. Keep an open mind for your target safety area and contact us via live chat, phone call, or submit an inquiry using the contact us form and we would be happy to assist you.


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