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Non Abrasive Anti Slip Tape

March 8, 2018

Heskins non-abrasive anti-slip tapes can be used in swimming pools amongst other areas exposed to water. Read how non-abrasive anti-slip tapes can be used.

Reflective Tape

February 7, 2018

We now have an impressive range of DOTC2 reflective tapes available. Here we try to explain the range in detail in one easy to ready blog post. Read about our…

Anti-Slip Tape

February 6, 2018

Our first tape produced specifically for marine application, marine anti slip tape is now available in white.

Anti-Slip Tape

January 26, 2018

Heskins supply many safety tapes for the trailer industry. Read the examples of safety tapes we have supplied.

Retail and Distributor Products

December 20, 2017

Marine anti-slip tape is perfect for use on the open seas. Read this application of marine anti-slip tape on a windsurfing boom.


November 28, 2017

Heskins recently shipped out a pallet of items to Florida which was then sent to his family on the Island where they were impacted.

Floor Markers

October 2, 2017

When marking your facility, follow OSHA’s guidelines: increase safety, awareness and general workflow. OSHA, the Occupation Safety and Health Administration.

New Products

September 21, 2017

If self-adhesive application or change is required often, Heskins new DOT C2 aluminum plates are a perfect choice. Read about DOT C2 aluminum plates here.

Anti-Slip Tape

August 2, 2017

As we like to ensure we are ahead of the curve in every way possible, we recently added a laser cutting to our range of anti-slip tape services…

New Products

August 1, 2017

We've recently acquired some new heavy-duty workbenches. As an anti-slip company, we had to use our products for industrial drawer liners. Read more here.

New Products

July 5, 2017

We have created a range of anti-slip restroom treads using coarse resilient to prevent slip and fall injuries. Read about coarse resilient restroom treads.

Floor Markers

June 22, 2017

Self-adhesive wall signs that highlight exit ways and exit routes in any lighting condition. Glow in the dark exit signs are available now.

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